The Digital View: How Middle-East and Africa is surfing the growth wave of digitalization in banking

What can the European Banking industry learn from Middle East and Africa?

The banking and FinTech sector in Middle East and Africa is rapidly growing alongside its digital user community. Young, digital natives are requiring new business models and means of interacting with their banks and financial service providers. Traditional players and new incumbents are catering for this customer group having from a European perspective the luxury of little legacy, quick adoption rates and modern regulations.

The ibi banking international talk organized together with Build38 Munich gives a glimpse into the MEA market, current projects and developments and what there is to learn and profit from for the ibi community and the European FS service providers. Speakers include digital innovators and the ones responsible for growth. Register to participate online in our live stream.

Das Tagesprogramm:

13:30 Uhr


Dr. Christian Schläger (Build38), Dr. Georg Wittmann (ibi research)

13:45 Uhr

Nordafrika, Naher Osten - Markt und Gesellschaft im Überblick

Dr. Christian Neugebauer (IHK für München und Oberbayern)

14:15 Uhr

Enabling digitalisation – going with the flow
Shatssy Hassan (CIB Egypt)

14:45 Uhr

Panel: MEA on the rise - What Europe can learn from MEA?
Moderation: Dr. Christian Schläger/ Dr. Georg Wittmann with all speakers

15:15 Uhr